Your Ultimate Guide To Know About The per Car Act price


With the increase in global population, the number of motor vehicle accidents have been increasing. This is because most people still prefer to use their own personal vehicle rather than public services. If you look at the WHO report, there are approximately 1.3 billion deaths that happen every year due to car accidents. The number is alarming. Against the backdrop of this, many countries have tried to solve the issue in their way. One such step is taken by Thailand introducing the Automobile Act or the Car Act.

What is the car act?

The Automobile Act or what is commonly called the car act is insurance to be purchased by the citizens for ‘all’ the vehicles running on the road. It is compulsory to buy the act and is not given as an option. This act is then used to provide justice to the victims of car accidents. It also protects the vulnerable section in case they encounter a car accident. Moreover, it helps the owners of the car in getting the immediate expenses which otherwise may not be possible to arrange. Just as people buy home insurances, property insurances, car acts are also insurance.

How to get a car act?

Since getting a car act is compulsory, following are the key points to keep in mind before buying a car act.

  • Whichever insurance company you visit, you’ll be required to show some documents such as ID card, vehicle registration copy and license. Some may ask for additional documents but these three are basics.
  • Since it has been made compulsory, the car act is usually not expensive. If you look at the ต่อ พรบ รถยนต์ ราคา then on an average it will cost around 600 baht per year. Note that for different vehicles the cost is additional.
  • Different insurance companies may provide different additional benefits along with the car act. So remember to go through the privileges offered.
  • If you go by the Automobile Act then there are fines and penalties for those who do not have a car act. These fines are more expensive than buying a car act.

So if you are living in Thailand, remember that if you own a car then you have to buy the car act and this has to be reviewed every year.