What About Aftermarket Parts?


When you roll off the lot in your new ride, you know that it is filled with manufacturer-specific parts. However, once the warranty expires and you take it to your old mechanic, you will probably have some aftermarket parts in there. If you’re doing any work yourself, you will also probably be using aftermarket parts.

Many people wonder if there is a significant difference between a manufacturer’s parts and those made by other companies. While most of the time, it can be hard to tell the parts apart, sometimes there is a big difference. For instance, people could only get defeat devices for their diesel trucks through aftermarket companies. To ensure that your vehicle is getting the best treatment, you should know the main differences between aftermarket and manufacturer-specific parts.

Aftermarket Parts

An aftermarket part is one that does not come from a vehicle manufacturer. Most of the time, these will be put into your vehicle when you take it to a shop that is not associated with a dealership. Therefore, you want to go to a mechanic that uses high-quality aftermarket parts.

Using these parts does not void your vehicle’s warranty. If you plan to do the work yourself, make sure you know the right parts to buy. Oftentimes, you can get aftermarket diesel parts designed to function better than the ones made by manufacturers.

Manufacturer-Specific Parts

Manufacturer-specific parts are those that are made by a vehicle company. They will be identical to the ones originally installed in your vehicle when it was made. These should always be used when making collision or body repairs that could impact your vehicle’s safety.

You can be sure to get manufacturer-specific parts by taking your car to a mechanic at a dealership. This is especially true if you lease your car or are concerned about its resale value. That’s because using aftermarket parts in your vehicle lowers its resale value. Otherwise, it is a good idea to take your car to a dealership for maintenance and repairs if you don’t have a trusted mechanic near you.

Manufacturer-specific parts will always match the original ones on your vehicle, while aftermarket parts might differ slightly. If you work on your own car, you might find superior parts by browsing the aftermarket options. If you are not familiar with engines and don’t have a trusted mechanic nearby, you should take your car back to the dealer and have manufacturer-specific parts installed.