Things to consider before buying SUV in India


SUVs are now very popular in India. It might be difficult to find a model of your desire because there are so many amazing, modern SUV models available on the market. However, before you purchase the best SUV in India or decide to ship a car or SUV, or decide to ship a car or SUV, it is important to think about some things first.

Let’s discuss some key factors that you must consider before buying any new SUV in India.

SUV models are now very popular in India. There are many amazing, new SUV models available on the market.  However, before you buy any new SUV model it is important to consider some key factors first. This article discusses some of these factors.

Things to consider when buying SUV car in India

SUVs are no longer just vehicles for large families or people who need to transport goods on a frequent basis. They have also become very popular amongst young people in cities, especially in big metro areas like Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai and more. SUVs are that they feel safer, they are spacious and allow them to drive in bad traffic conditions or even off-road if they choose. They also look stylish and make the driver feel important.

However, before you purchase an SUV you must consider some key factors such as:

Size of the car: 

You must consider the size of your SUV before making any purchase because it could determine where you will be able to drive it. Generally, in India, large SUVs are not allowed to take into account congested roads in major cities where traffic jams are a common problem. Also, parking lots for these vehicles are either very expensive or are simply not available.

Cost of maintenance and repairs:

Another factor that is important to consider when buying a new SUV model in India is the cost of its maintenance and repairs. SUVs are usually known to consume more fuel than a sedan or a hatchback vehicle. Because of their weight, these vehicles have comparatively larger engines which need more petrol as well as oil for lubrication. In addition, wear and tear on an SUV is greater because of its size, type of terrain it can drive on etc. Therefore, you must consider all of these factors before making a purchase.

Fuel consumption:

Keeping in mind the above factor, fuel consumption is another important thing to consider when buying a new SUV model. SUVs have larger engines and consume more petrol because of which they cost more to run. This can be a problem for city-dwellers who have a limited budget and may not afford to spend a lot of money on petrol. Also, the cost of repairs is another factor that one must consider when buying a new SUV in India.

Maintenance and repair costs:

When it comes to maintenance and repair costs, SUVs are quite high because they tend to be more expensive than their other counterparts. Repairs for SUVs are generally more expensive than its sedan or hatchback counterparts because of their size, type of terrain they can drive on, etc. Repair costs tend to increase over time as one continues to use the vehicle and it may become harder to find someone experienced enough who can fix SUV car parts properly.

Resale value:

Resale value is yet another important factor to keep in mind when buying a new SUV model. Generally, an SUV’s resale value decreases more than that of other car models over time because it may become old and outdated.  Therefore, if you are not looking to continue using your SUV for many more years or do not plan on selling it in the future, then this factor is something that you may have to consider when buying a new car in India.

SUVs are popular among Indians because they are spacious and they offer many additional features which make them perfect for families as well as young professionals.  However, there are certain factors that one must consider before buying a new SUV model in India such as: size, cost of maintenance and repairs, fuel consumption and resale value. Considering these factors can help you make an informed decision when purchasing your next vehicle.

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