Reasons to Rent a Crane Rather Than Purchase One


When it comes to heavy-duty lifting or even routine construction projects, a crane is often needed. The biggest decision a company must make is whether to purchase their own crane or whether it’s best to rent one.

For many companies, the answer is simple. It’s much better to rent the equipment than it is to buy one. For those that are still undecided, here is a look at the various reasons why renting a crane is better than purchasing one.

It Comes with an Operator

Chances are that your company doesn’t have its own crane operator. When you rent a crane from a business, not only will you get heavy-duty lifting equipment, but they will also provide a certified operator. Companies that use cranes occasionally or on a routine basis can save you a lot of money because they won’t have to hire and train another employee.

Saves Money

For companies that will utilise a crane every day for several years, it makes more sense to purchase one than rent one. However, what about those companies that only use them a handful of times or for a single project?

In those cases, renting Perth cranes is a better option because it will save them money over the long run. Most companies find that they save thousands of pounds by renting a crane when it’s needed versus purchasing one. Plus, renting one saves your company money on storage and maintenance fees, as it’s somebody else’s job to take care of.

No Extra Insurance Required

The insurance expenses are typically picked by the crane services business rather than the renter when you rent a crane. You will not be required to pay an insurance premium if you rent the crane, as you won’t have to add the crane to your insurance policy. Some rental companies will charge a small premium for the duration of the rental period.

Use the Right Equipment

Renting equipment allows you to utilise the right tools for the job, which improves job site safety. When you rent, you are not restricted to a specific crane. You may rent different equipment on different days and for various projects, based on your requirements. This increases efficiency while lowering expenses.

Not only that, but when you rent, the company is usually responsible for transporting the equipment to and from the job site.