Planning to Ride Off Road? Consider these 3 Tips


If you have experienced riding off road, you are bound to get dirty, but going off the path less travelled can be a lot of fun. You can make your own rules when you are out in the open, in the middle of nowhere. The thrill and challenges you face aren’t the same you feel when on the roads. Hence, you need to look after your reaction as well as your behavior. Follow these tips when riding off road with your moto à Sherbrooke:

  1. Be ready

It may sound a tad bit too tempting, but never ignore getting stranded in the middle of woods or desert. When you get into trouble in such places, cellphone reception may begin to fade away. So, always be prepared. Always bring tools, parts, extra jerrycan, tire patching kit and other things. Always be over prepared than just being prepared or under prepared. It may sound very inevitable, but always carry a little extra fuel. It always comes in handy.

  1. Adjust your clutch lever for two finger use

Throttle and clutch control always go parallel when you go off road. To make the clutch control go easy particularly as you will be standing in the footpegs mostly, always adjust the clutch level to be used only with your index and middle fingers. This lets you work the clutch without changing your grip on the bars that renders your responses faster and smoother. It also lets you have finer control than just using it as a blunt on/off switch. This comes in handy at low speeds and at confronting challenging paths.

  1. In sandy and deep paths, accelerate and lean back

When you are on the road, you always learn to slow down for safety. This is applicable when you are around heavy and big bikes, heavier cars etc. But when you are off road on a light bike, you are going to be very stable when you apply speed. The gyroscopic force of the wheels will keep you in place, the momentum will keep you stable even in tough paths like deep sand. When you move your weight backward, it adds traction to the rear wheel where the power is applied and takes weight off the front letting the ride to deflect and ride over whatever it is hitting.

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