How Can You Plow Snow Using Your ATV


Many of us still think that ATVs and side-by-sides can only be used in the summer when you can take a trip to the jungle. But this is far from the real truth. You could make more use of your ATV in the winters by using it as a snowplow.

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Tips for plowing snow with your ATV

  • Make sure that your ATV has proper maintenance: Before you start on with your plowing work, you must make sure that the vehicle is in proper condition. Take some time before the winter snowfalls to check if there is any servicing and maintenance required for your vehicle.
  • Understand whether your ATV is able to handle snow plowing: Read your owner’s manual and ensure that your ATV is powerful and can be used to plow snow. The size of your snowplow also matters as if you are plowing a larger area you need a more powerful ATV with a larger engine.
  • Make sure the depth of the plow is correctly adjusted: The depth of your plow must be accurate to ensure that you are not overloading the ATV with snow. The depth also differs on different surfaces with different depths of snow.

  • Check the best angle for the snowplow and set it: The angle of the snowplow depends on the surface that is being plowed. The main things to keep in mind are the amount of snow present and where you want to put it.
  • Avoid heavy or deep snowdrifts: You should try not to overload your ATV by avoiding plowing through deep and heavy snow. The deep snowdrifts may require a certain angle and multiple tries to take all the snow off.
  • Plow with natural contours of surface: You must follow the natural slopes and arcs of your driveway or surface to make the plowing easier and with minimal damage without hitting it on uneven grounds.


The information above provides helpful tips that you can abide by when snowplowing with your ATV. However, ensure that you clean your ATV before storing it once you finish plowing.