Get Familiar with How the Final Car Shipping Cost Gets Determined


If you are relocating to Texas or another state, then shipping your car needs consideration. For short distance and sufficient members to drive it is cool. For long distances, it is sensible to choose an auto transport company. There are some things to check when you choose an auto transport company.

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What variables are considered in the car delivery cost?

After you find some credible transportation agency contact them and get a quote. Some rules to remember before you get a quote from the shipper.

  • Large cars will cost more than small ones.
  • Short trips cost less than cross country move.
  • In case of emergency shipping, the charge will be a little more.
  • Deposit is not needed to get quotes. Therefore, if you have to commit to the quote it is a red flag.

The cost of auto transport will depend on the following variables.

Distance – How many miles a car gets transported and even the routes on which it has to travel matters. Door-to-door service is expensive than terminal-to-terminal services even if there is a few miles difference. Shipping a family car from NY to Texas can cost approximately $1000, while from Florida it costs $700.

Vehicle size and condition – An SUV or pickup truck can cost more than small cars. Choose a company that can deal with your car type. Check their size limitations. If your car does not work, it adds to the cost.

Season – During the relocation season, the prices are high. If you are flexible in your schedule then some companies offer a good package for a 14-day pick up & delivery date window.

Carrier options – The auto transport companies offer open and enclosed carrier options. The former is the most common as it is cheap, where your car is placed on an open trailer for shipping along with many other cars. The latter is costly as your car gets extra protection from external elements like dust or moving objects in the air.

Pickup & delivery methods – Terminal-to-terminal needs you to drop the car at a terminus from where it is picked and dropped at a designated terminus close to your final destination. It is less expensive but can cause delays as your car stays parked in the terminal until the shipping load gets full. Door-to-door means the trucker picks a car from your home and delivers it to the final destination’s doorstep. It costs more as the drivers need to divert from the road.

Route – Direct routes, traffic jams, road closures, etc. will also influence the price.

Car shipping costs also depend on the chosen company. So, you will find that quotes differ from one to another.