Do You Want to Add A 4-link Suspension?


By using a 4-link suspension kit, you can optimize your ride quality performance of the rig by:

  • Increasing the power force
  • Balancing triangulation
  • By providing maximum control.

Following are installation of tips for including lifted Super Duty needs adjustable 4-links.


You need to access link calculator before you try to install the off-road suspension parts. By using this tool, you will be able to decide how certain numbers can affect your vehicle as well as make some comparison.

Lower links

Usually, setting up of lower links will be the easiest of 4-link suspension parts. More the flatter it is at ride height, better it will be.

Its length must be 2-times of wheel travel that you expect. Generally, flatter and longer links will perform better. Longer links will be easier to bend, irrespective of whichever material will be used.

Upper links

Setting up of upper links can be bit difficult and make them 3/4th of lower link length, so that your suspension geometry will remain more consistent throughout the travel, but as the suspension will droop, it may cause pinion angle aiming downwards.

So, make the upper links of same length like lower ones or bit longer, that will allow pinion getting rolled up with droop.


For any vehicle, link separation can affect its various handling characteristics. Generally, at axle end, for vertical separation, it should be minimum 25% of the tire size. Therefore, for 40” tire, there must be at least separation of 10”.

Since, usually links need to be compromised hence this may not be always possible. At your frame end, the vertical separation will control anti-dive or anti-squat in the front.

Usually, anti-squat is driver’s preference. In case, frame-side separation will be similar to axle, then vehicle will have 0% anti-squat during acceleration at rear or in front braking, which is not liked by most drivers.

Anti-squat can always be added by keeping the separation less near the frame as compared to the axle. At the axle, horizontal separation is set by pushing lower links out to the maximum while preserving sufficient clearance for the tires and steering.

Potential fabrication challenges

It is always not possible to complete absolutely ideal setup for 4-link suspension. You need to often make compromises for avoiding clearance issues.

Here in this case, your adjustable mounts can help you to make changes easily. Also, it can allow you to get a better feel of each adjustment from driver’s seat.